The truth about "miracle" acne cure

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A testimonial about so-called DIY “miracle” acne cure.


 "Get rid of acne overnight with this 1 weird trick!". A few years ago, I used to scour the internet in the hope of finding the acne holy grail, some magical substance with the power to clear my acne in a flash. The idea that this miracle cure could be hiding in my kitchen cupboards made it all the more appealing. And natural home remedies have to be good for your skin... right? My crazy kitchen science experiments were an epic fail. It wasn't until I stuck to a dermatologist's treatment programme and a sensible skincare regimen that my skin started to sparkle again. But since it's always fun to look back and laugh, here are my top five home remedy experiences, plus our associate dermatologist, Dr. Philippe Beaulieu's point of view on each "miracle" ingredient.