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Sensitive skin burns, prickles, itches or stings in response to internal and external triggers. To take care of it, you need minimalist products with active ingredients to reduce sensitivity, day after day. Your hero? TOLERIANE Ultra, with active ingredients to defuse sensitive skin reactions:

• Neurosensine
• Shea Butter
• Thermal Spring Water

If you have sensitive acne-prone skin, your top ally is EFFACLAR, which gently targets blemishes. If ageing is a concern, consider REDERMIC, which brings reference active ingredients such Retinol within the reach of even the most sensitive complexions, or HYALUB5, the sensitive skin hyaluronic acid to replump wrinkles and volume loss for a global repair effect.


Before we get onto the best solutions available, let’s be clear about what is actually meant by sensitive skin, also known as oversensitive skin or hypersensitive skin. Now affecting more than half of the population, sensitive skin refers to an unpleasant condition – pulling, prickling, burning, and stinging sensations – experienced by skin. They may occur all the time, but can also be brought on by external and internal factors.


Both external and internal factors can play their part

The root cause of sensitive skin symptoms is thought to be overly sensitive nerve endings in the skin that fire off pain signals in response to harmless daily stimuli like the wind or temperature changes. The trigger factors for sensitive skin rashes can be divided into external and internal factors:

  1. External factors: Pollution, temperature changes, changes in skin pH, UV exposure, unsuitable cosmetics
  2. Internal factors: Stress, strong emotion, hormonal changes

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