Sensitive skin is not a skin type, per se. It is a characteristic that can affect all skin types. Whether atopic, dry, normal, combination, oily, or acne-prone, sensitive skin is vulnerable and easily damaged by everyday factors that “ordinary” skin takes in its stride. These include pollution, water, sunlight, heat, cold, and ingredients in cosmetics. Sensitive skin may react in many ways – tightness, irritation, stinging, itching, redness, blotches, or small spots – all just waiting to erupt.


Those of us with sensitive skin may often feel as if we are walking on eggshells: A change in temperature, pollution levels, a sunny day, or even contact with everyday cosmetics can all trigger blemishes, discomfort and redness. And skin sensitivity can worsen over time. In the words of sensitive-prone skin Céline, “My skin is getting more and more reactive. This is a real inconvenience because I come face to face with a high-end international clientele every day.” Symptoms of sensitive skin can undermine confidence and leave us feeling ill at ease.


With so many potentially irritating ingredients to avoid, applying makeup can feel like a risky business!

You may have heard that the best makeup for sensitive skin is less makeup. When burdened with caking foundation, sensitive skin is likely to react. But the answer is not only about fewer ingredients, it’s also about choosing the right specialist products that contain active ingredients specifically designed to protect and soothe your sensitive skin.

Multi-tasking 2-in-1 cosmetics specifically designed to keep sensitive skin in its comfort zone are an ideal choice:

BB Cream: Sensitive skin, reactive and allergy-prone skin

For dry, allergy-prone, sensitive skin, tinted moisturiser has long been replaced by multi-tasking BB cream. “BB” stands for “blemish balm” and these hybrid, all-in-one products cover imperfections whilst also providing deep hydration and protecting your skin against pollution and other external aggressors. A hypoallergenic BB cream should contain natural mineral pigments to unify and illuminate your complexion without irritation. If you love a fresh and natural finish, BB cream is your go-to product. BB creams are also great for masking mild redness.

CC cream: Redness and blotchiness

If your sensitive skin is particularly prone to redness, a colour-correcting “CC” cream is for you. Providing greater coverage that a BB cream, CC cream works by neutralising redness and blotchiness. Look for a CC cream with added SPF, in order to not only even out your complexion, but also protect your skin against UV rays that can further exacerbate redness. For those of us who suffer from flushing, erythrosis, or rosacea, CC cream is simply a must-have.

Tinted acne skincare cream: Oily and acne-prone sensitive skin

Having skin that is sensitive and also prone to acne outbreaks can feel like a double blow. Do not despair; there are revolutionary new products designed for your particular skin type. Tinted acne skincare creams contain active ingredients that work to control bacteria, reduce red marks, and regulate shine while evening your complexion leaving you selfie-ready.

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Tinted sunscreen: Skin prone to hyperpigmentation and sun allergy

Hyperpigmentation – characterised by dark spots (sun spots) or skin discolouration (sometimes called pregnancy mask) – is often triggered by exposure to sunlight. Some of us are also vulnerable to “sun allergy”, or Polymorphic Light Eruption, which manifests as itchy red bumps. If your skin is reactive to sunlight, then it is essential to fully protect it from UV rays on a daily basis. A broad-spectrum, high SPF (50+) tinted sunscreen for sensitive skin is the answer.


La Roche-Posay Laboratory has developed innovative multi-tasking makeup for every type of sensitive skin:

  • HYDREANE BB Cream Light contains mineral pigments that melt into your skin for a light, natural finish. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and tested under dermatological control, this is everything you need in a BB cream. Sensitive skin will feel deeply hydrated and smoothed.
  • ROSALIAC CC Crème is a gift for skin that suffers from flushing, erythrosis, rosacea, or any kind of redness. With added SPF 30, it neutralises red tones and unifies your complexion, leaving your sensitive skin feeling and looking fresh and natural.
  • If your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation or sun allergy, it is essential to give it maximum protection from UV rays. ANTHELIOS Pigmentation Tinted Cream SPF 50+ provides broad spectrum, high SPF protection. It is enriched with mineral pigments that melt into your skin to unify your complexion in the short term, and Procerad help to reduce hyperpigmentation in the long term.
  • For acne-prone sensitive skin EFFACLAR Duo (+) Unifiant is a truly transformative product. Its purified mineral pigments provide natural coverage without blocking pores. Highly effective active ingredients combat bacteria, help to control sebum, decrease redness, and soothe your skin.

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