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Sensitive to reactive skin is defined by unpleasant sensations - prickling, tightness, itchiness, or burning sensations - sometimes associated with dryness and redness. It is due to a deficiency in skin’s barrier function (its outermost layer) and oversensitivity of the nerve endings, which start to fire off pain signals in response to harmless stimuli. It is not known exactly why this occurs, but what is known is that these symptoms can be brought on by multiple internal and external trigger factors.

External causes:

• Temperature changes and wind
• Pollution
• Sun
• Additives in the wrong cosmetics
• Washing powder
• Surgery

Internal causes:

• Spicy food
• Alcohol
• Gluten intolerance
• Hormonal changes
•Stress or intense emotions

Skin’s sensitivity can be controlled by reducing these factors as far as possible (read on to find out how), combined with a suitable sensitive skincare routine using expert products from the TOLERIANE range.