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• If you have the opportunity to do so, schedule an appointment for a pedicure or
  with a podiatrist before starting your treatment. Do not hesitate to discuss
  this with your oncologist.
• During treatments, it is advisable to file your finger and toenails (not too short) instead
  of clipping them to avoid any risk of infection.
• Do not pull off hangnails, cut your cuticles or bite your nails; instead, moisturize
  your cuticles with oil or a specially-formulated cream.
• If you are doing housework, it is recommended to wear cotton
  gloves underneath plastic gloves.
• To avoid any trauma to your extremities, wear comfortable footwear.
• If you begin feeling tenderness or pain, it is recommended to consult your dermatologist
  as soon as possible. He or she will give you good advice.


• Any nail-polishes containing formaldehyde, paraben, toluene, rosin,
• False nails,
• Aggressive manicures,
• Detergent products,
• Acetone-based nail-polish remover,
• Prolonged contact with water and sun exposure