Makeup: Eyes and Smile

duration time 2 dk. okuma

Your eyebrows determine your facial expression and the intensity of your gaze: while you wait for them you grow back, you can recreate them artificially.
Use a semi-oily eyebrow pencil that is matched to the shade of your hair or wig.
Avoid drawing too sharp a line, which would make your eyes appear harsh. To do this, apply in small brushes in the direction the hair normally grows.
To make your brow line look natural, use a photograph of yourself before your treatment began as inspiration.
You may also use stencils, ask your socio-aesthetician and your oncologist for advice.

Avoid: Making your eyebrows too dark, thick or stylized. Attempting to emphasize your eyebrows will only draw more attention to their absence.

Carine’s tip

If you wear glasses, they can be an excellent ally if their frame falls along the brow line.